Hackers Demonstrate Cyber Hijack of Moving Vehicle

Hackers Demonstrate Cyber Hijack of Moving Vehicle

Two security researchers, Miller and Valasek, put on a show for the executives at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, NV showing that they can take control of a moving Jeep Cherokee using the vehicle’s wireless communication system.  The owner slammed them with his displeasure of their disclosing of the ability to hack into the system to manipulate the air-conditioning, stereo controls, and shut of the transmission.  Watch the video above to see just a few of the discomforts of having someone else take over your vehicle.

The hackers, one who works for Twitter Inc. and is a former analyst for the NSA just wants the auto manufacturers to be aware of their weaknesses and incorporate cyber-security into their production model.  The last thing any one wants in some malicious person hacking into a vehicle while they’re driving.  Nearly all modern automobiles feature computer controls these days which open up vulnerable attack surfaces for hackers. Recent hacks include thieves using wireless to open car doors and a disgruntled employee in Austin, TX using a system for enforcing timely car payments, to brick 100+ vehicles.

On July 21, 2015, Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal introduced a bill directing federal regulators to set security standards for vehicles after Markey’s office published a report earlier this year finding that nearly all cars are vulnerable to hacking. The bill also calls for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Trade Commission to create a “cyber dashboard” rating system for drivers to see where vehicles stand in terms of security and privacy of their data.

via Wired

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