Fallout from Hacking Team Vulnerabilities

Fallout from Hacking Team Vulnerabilities

New vulnerabilities are popping up as a result of the attack on Hacking Team’s servers. Yesterday Microsoft released an emergency “critical” patch blocking a security hole that is linked to the recent breach. Microsoft’s summary report states that the vulnerability, which affects how the Adobe Type Manager Library handles OpenType fonts. The vulnerability can lead to an attacker taking control of your system if you open a specially crafted document or access a hijacked site that contains the embedded OpenType Fonts. Microsoft said that all versions of windows are vulnerable.  All automatic updating systems will be fine once the patch is installed, but IT crews everywhere that maintain servers with manual updates need to make haste and update their systems pronto.

Microsoft wasn’t the only company whose software was left vulnerable after the Hacking Team breach. Earlier this month Adobe released a patch for a bug in their Flash player that was also uncovered in the leak.

If your interested in checking out if your system has been compromised already, Rook Security has released a free tool that can sniff out the malware that’s been released by Milan’s Hacking Team. Check it out here.

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